You are welcome here to ask specific SEO questions relating to your website, keywords, links, ranking or anything else SEO here. Within reason we are happy to provide and excel sheet with a Campaign Suggestion for your specific website taking your timeline and budget into consideration.

Please note it depends on how busy we are, but we try and respond and send you a report within 3 working days but can take longer. Note this is a free no obligation service offered!

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Trading Under a NEW Brand

The Classy SEO Consultant are no longer trading under our current name
From 1 October 2019 are trading under, LSA a Local SEO Agency

What does this mean for our current customers?
Better pricing for the same service. We live in Bloemfontein, South Africa so all old and new customers will be billed in South African Rands, meaning you still get great SEO pricing but for allot less than you would pay in countries like the USA & UK still with the same great results!

Pricing starts at R2500 per month upwards (roughly around $170)
All campaigns now are fully managed, no more buying just s specific service

You still get monthly reporting and software where you can check your rankings.

You can place order directly from here:

We still do organic and e-commerce SEO but do specialise in Local SEO