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SEO Tips and Tricks: How do you use our website?

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Before we get into the fun part of SEO Tips and Tricks: How do you use our website?

Every service / product page has a orange block right at the bottom of the page with some tips relevant to that specific service.

Be sure to check it out throughout all our services pages!

At the bottom of this page there is a short summary of all our services together... don't have time... let us do hard work you can choose from either Organic SEO or Local SEO Campaigns

Another note to take home, our services has been designed to do whatever is needed for your website to get it ranked. What we mean by that is we offer a-la-carte SEO services as well as fully mananged SEO services. You can buy one service this month, another the next or only once every 3 of 6 months. General perception in SEO is you need to spend 3 to 6 months to forever, doing SEO on your website... that is true BUT we have seen results from customers buying only 1 service, one time and still get results, after about 8 or 10 months... BUT again please note this is mostly true for low and sometimes medium competition keywords. We have also seen a decline in rankings then after a few months after a site has ranked, so best practise still holds true. We generally suggest starting with either a Press Release or basic link building (after the basics like 0n-page SEO and content is done of course) or if you are a Local Business owner, purchasing a Local SEO Package. Then monthly do a booster or a bit of blogging on your site.

1. Planning is Crucial


Take a step back, before you put pen to paper. Think about what you want to achieve, how long do you have, what are you willing to spend in total or monthly?

Remember as with everything these days budgets can fluctuate, so you either need to set a total amount to spend over X amount of month or decide to go with month to month (do try for a minimum of 3 months, although 6 is ideal)

Right, so you have a website... now what?

2. Keyword Research


This is such an important and often overlooked step!
How are you building a website or trying to drive traffic without knowing what you customers are searching for online?

You have multiple options to get an idea from, Google itself, the autofill that pops up when you Google a Keyword. Nice start but not hugely ideal as you do not have any traffic estimations of difficulty scores. Here is some tools you can use, some free, some paid:
Google Keyword Planner
Google Trends
KWFinder (big favourite of ours)


3. On-Page SEO


Before we get into On-Page SEO. Something that we generally do along with our site setup here is setting up 2 or 3 Google Properties. Google Analytics (seeing where your visitors comes from, what they do and how they leave the site). Google Search Console is basically your domain, your presence on the web, indexing, errors and so forth. Then if you are a local business, you can't not setup Google My Business (GMB)... silly not to!

Right so back to On-Page Setup, simply put you need to make sure your headings are added, keywords in your headings and content. Optimizing your images correctly. You also need to look at your pagespeed. You can read more in-depth on our On-Page Services page!

4. Content Creation


If you were Google, would you rank a website if you are unsure what the site is really about? Probably not!

Many people expect Google to rank their site with very little content. For instance for a product description, you need around 300 words and generally speaking any other page, like services around 500+

The more the better really (without repeating yourself or getting boring, remember it needs to be engaging for your audience). Now we are really good at SEO, but not so much at writing. We are happy to share a writer which we have used for a few projects that are affordable and writes really well!

Ashlee_N from iWriter

I am a freelance writer and have worked with several companies to help them reach their clients/customers through informative and captivating web content. I believe that quality content should help protect your bottom-line, especially if you're breaking or have already broken away from the confines of brick and mortar.

With the use of my copywriting service, your story can be told through: direct response marketing copy; email newsletters; blog articles; landing pages; product descriptions; email opt-in forms; video scripts; SEO; brochures; press releases; white papers; nonfiction books; how-to guides; synopses of scientific studies for lay audiences; prank letters to your ex; autobiographies or just about anything you can think of.

I am a versatile writer, and particularly strong in the following areas:

  • SEO (Local and Global)
  • Technology and other emerging tech trends
  • Tourism, Travel, and vacation
  • Internet and Online business
  • Insurance
  • Product reviews
  • Real estate
  • Home improvement
  • Health

Contact Ashlee_N directly on iWriter or through us


5. Press Release


We have found from experience a press release can be hugely effective in kickstarting most campaigns once all of the above has been implemented. You generally get plenty of high quality mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

This helps your chances of being indexed, it also acts as a marketing tool and gives you better exposure!

Please have a look at our Press Release Service

6. Link Building


On it's own link building sounds a bit boring, but it is a fairly vast subject and highly debated. And it can also be fun!

Link building is simply one website pointing to the other, or "hyperlinking". You can see this as a vote for a page or a website. Note not all links are equal. Every domain or URL has a certain authority, between 1 and 100. Websites like Facebook and Google all has a DA (domain authority) of 100 or DA100 whereas you started of with a new website with a DA of DA1.

So link building in short is a vote and hugely important, but it has to be the right, high quality links, it can't or shouldn't be spammy links as this can also damage your own site's reputation.

Please have a look at our link building packages. We have plenty of SEO tips and tricks to get your website ranked!

SEO Services We Provide

Make sure your on-page structure, content and keywords are correct and well researched.

We have various link building services to help your website rank.

If you are a local business, even with multiple locations, you need to start here.

Let us find the right relevant website and craft a beautifull blog post on your behalf.

We will create well written blog posts right on your website according to your schedule.

Get high quality homepage backlinks from relevant websites back to your own site.

Choose from Blog Comments, Social Bookmarks and Profile Backlinks to boost your backlink profile.

a Press Release is an excellent way to start any campaign, old or new website.

Increase dwell time on your website with our video production services we offer.

Make any campaign POP with an SEO Booster for your backlinks.

Claim your social brand on all channels before someone else does.

Let Google know you are well loved on Social Media.

Check your rankings on Google (as well as other metrics)

Done for your local business! We do all the heavy lifting to get you ranked

Let us rank your website or online store, just sit back and relax.

Let us help get you ranked



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Press Release
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