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Timeline for this service varies between 7 and 14 days

Product Description

Buy High Quality Backlinks

Smart marketers who understand the value of organic link building know that paid links are still effective. Blending the two strategies helps build massive SEO opportunities. A majority of businesses that buy backlinks have realized successful SEO campaigns in the recent past.

However, with the threat of Google penalties, you should buy backlinks from authoritative sources and let our SEO specialists help you build a long-term SEO strategy without the risk of incorporating black hat tactics in your approach. We provide legit backlinks that will boost your website’s link building opportunities.

It is important to note that legitimate links such as paid reviews with disclosure and official sponsorships are great for SEO. Social bookmarks, blog comments, and profile backlinks can really help boost your rankings in search engines.


How to Know You Need A Backlink Cleanup

Most website owners don’t know the right time to clean up their backlink profile. Here are two instances to guide you in removing redundant backlinks and buying new ones:

  • When you receive a warning from Google: Although you have invested in quality backlinks, the backlinks can go bad leading to a Google penalty.  A backlink cleanup entails running a quick website audit to identify sources of the bad backlinks. At this point, you should replace the bad backlinks with fresh, quality backlinks to avoid an algorithm penalty that might remove you from search results.
  • When your website is not ranking: If you realize that your site or blog doesn’t rank anymore, there is a chance that the algorithmic penalty has hit you. However, you should also check your analytics data and clean up your backlinks. Hence, you need to be aggressive and buy quality backlinks to boost your website’s SEO performance.


How to Buy Backlinks

Our backlinks take time and patience to build. Therefore, we always endeavor in building a well-grounded backlink profile before launching the backlinks. Our experienced copywriters will use high quality content that appeals to your audience in launching an organic backlink building campaign that aligns well with your niche. A great backlink profile will help your website cultivate high-quality, organic backlinks.


  • Create an intuitive backlink building strategy: You should buy backlinks slowly and purposefully.


  • Select wisely: We always vet our backlinks to avoid anything that seems off. That is how we prevent spammy outbound links.


  • Keep anchor text diverse: We value anchor text diversity to ensure that our customers find value from buying our backlinks. We understand the potential risk of low-quality backlinks, and thus we work diligently to deliver top-notch high quality backlinks.


Regardless of whether you are buying backlinks or building them organically, it is advisable to monitor the quality and health of your backlink profile. Prune any low-quality backlinks that may affect your website negatively. You have a responsibility to double check page authority and quality as the owner of the business.


The anchor text’s link should not be switched to no-follow. At a starting budget of $45, you can rest assured of buying quality backlinks that will transform your SEO in endless ways.

Contact one of our specialists today, and start your journey towards reviving your entire SEO process with our quality backlinks.


Pro Tip 1: Make use of a good mix of backlinks, to create a diverse backlink profile!
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