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Would you like your website to be featured on high PR Newswire sites?

Some of the sites are ABC and Fox!

High PR and High Quality Press Release
500 Words Written by a Professional
Choose up to 3 keywords and up to 3 links

High Quality Distribution
We send the PR Newswire Press Release to around 100+ News Outlets
Hundreds of Diversified White-Hat Links
This will give you plenty of white hat links, all diverse.
DA 20-90+

Once we are done we manually seed the content through high quality new distribution channels. These channels includes (but are not limited to) Comtex and Lexis Nexis. These news outlets will pick up your content and publish it on their websites and this will bring really high quality white hat links back to your website.

With these type of links you get high authority backlinks and really good diversity to your profile!

Timeline for this service varies between 3 and 7 days

Product Description

Hiring Google Press Release Writing Services or PR Newswire

Our experienced SEO specialists use press releases or some people call it pr newswire as optimization tools. Having a backlink from a reputable wire service and by publications that publish your press is considered as an authoritative vote of confidence by major search engines such as Google.

A press release is a newsworthy content that shouldn’t be submitted to a wire service if it’s advertorial in nature. Hence, we always ensure to churn out high-quality press releases that can boost your website’s credibility and branding. Our press releases are derived from new product launches, awards that your teams receive, or for spreading the word about business milestones.

Have your competitors been featured in any major publications? Have you tried to move up a league by gaining coverage through high quality press releases? Then, our Google press release writing services are your perfect SEO tool.


Why Use Our Google Press Release Writing Services?


Working with our team will save you a lot of time and hassle. That is true, especially if you don’t have an in-house team of writers. Writing a credible google press release writing service requires a dedicated writer with a robust journalistic background. We have a team of qualified and experienced writers who understand the inner workings of the media.

Moreover, press releases services should only be written by individuals who are knowledgeable about following the strict format of writing professional press releases. It is not easy to adjust your tone of voice from blogging into professional press release writing.



Again, writing a catchy blog headline is entirely different from writing a captivating press release headline. While a blog requires a catchy and SEO-friendly headline, the press release headline has to be appealing, SEO-friendly, intriguing, and newsworthy.

Our experienced writers create headlines that answer the 5Ws (read more here about the 5 W’s and what it means) and still manage to get your press release click-worthy. Apart from proper press release formatting, we know how to put our clients’ stories in a better light. We can create tailor-made press releases for different wire services without too much hassle.


Error-free press release

A casual tone of voice is recommended for writing blog posts and web content. In such situations, writers have the freedom to use some slang terms and contractions. But, when doing google press release writing services or pr newswire, that is unacceptable.

Journalists and editors get irritated when they see incorrect grammar, syntax and imperfect formatting in press releases. Our professional press release writers will not allow such errors in your press release. Every press release is reviewed keenly by our editors before it is submitted to clients to ensure it is perfect in every respect.


Extra features

Aside from writing, we offer other extra features to our clients. We will distribute your article through high quality news distribution channels such as Lexis Nexis, the Associated Press Comtex and more. Our tracking and measuring techniques will help you adjust your newswire PR strategies to get the most out of your press release.

We will track the performance of your press release and give you a detailed report regarding social media exposure and media coverage

Our dream is to create a detailed coverage of your business milestones that will generate insane inbound traffic. Our talented team will create well-written press releases that will boost your brand awareness and increase your website’s credibility through intuitively curated social media buzz. Contact one of our specialists today, for a comprehensive discussion on how to get started.


Social Proof

By using our PR Newswire or Google Press Release Writing Service you get really good backlinks, all done white-hat from news websites like CBS and NBC… how is that for high quality backlinks?


Pro Tip 1: Starting with a Press Release are one of the most effective ways to start a new website or new link building campaign
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