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Our well thought out SEO packages ranks effectively. Where most local SEO services fail, we offer a data-backed ranking machine, based on the crawling of thousands of top-ranking Google + Local pages. Our decisions are focused on building unique campaigns that satisfy the niche, city needs of our esteemed clients.

We conduct thorough testing and transparent reporting to ensure that every campaign runs smoothly without encountering any glitches. We comply 100% with Google Webmaster Guidelines in all our Local SEO packages.

We will boost your rankings and ensure that the traffic that you get has a significant impact on your bottom line. An essential attribute for success to a local business is to let people find your business website when they search on the internet. Most online shoppers prefer searching for available businesses near them before making a buying decision. Therefore, we will make sure your business appears on top search results of local enterprises by optimizing it accordingly


Local SEO Packages / Local SEO Services available are

Citation Audits
Monthly Mojo

Timeline for this package varies between 14 and 30 days and reporting is in excel format

Product Description

4 Components that any Local SEO Agency should offer:

1. Full Citation Audit
a Key part in a Local SEO Service
2. Local Directory Citations
Local directory citations are hugely important in a Local SEO Campaign.
3. Rich Media Citations
Geo-tagged photos and videos, plus citations and links from rich media sources makes a big difference in our local SEO service offerings plus it gets results!
4. Social Citations
Social media can’t be ignored these days!


Why you need Local SEO packages

Local searches

Our local SEO packages are a perfect replacement of the Yellow Pages of the past. On the internet, most people search for products and services based on geographical proximity. Therefore, it is prudent to increase your customer base by maximizing your local SEO.

Our Local SEO experts will create strong title tags for your local business website and ensure that the public links on the site are linkable. We focus on user intent so that anyone searching for the most relevant, nearest local businesses can find it easily.


Mobile marketing

On-the-go searches for various needs have become a priority to savvy local businesses. Most online shoppers conduct their searches for various products or services through mobile before making buying decisions and placing orders through desktop or offline.

Our local SEO packages will optimize your local business for the proximity-based searches where consumers will easily find you through their mobile phones. Local SEO services will help you conquer the future of online visibility and Local SEO, which will rely on geographically relevant information.


Search engines

In the recent past, Google has shown some favoritism towards the optimization of local searches to make the search engine more user-friendly. Hence, local businesses can benefit greatly from individualized results on every search. Our team will help you help grow your business through Google “My Business” listing and beat the competition.


Boost your ROI

Local SEO is very cost effective because creating your own Google “My Business Page” is free. In addition, hiring a credible Local SEO company to reach your consumers when they need you is inexpensive. A Local SEO agency will optimize all your web pages for search engines and boost your overall ROI immeasurably. Hiring and training an in-house SEO department is more expensive compared to outsourcing the services to an already established Local SEO company.

Local SEO packages are an excellent way of growing your local business. Unfortunately, a majority of SEO companies don’t have the resources and expertise to handle the SEO requirements of local businesses effectively. Luckily, we are an established local SEO agency that understands the specifics and dynamics for businesses operating on a small scale. For more information on Local SEO packages, contact us today.



Pro Tip 1: Always start any new Local SEO campaign with a Citation Audit to avoid duplication
Pro Tip 2: Social Media Branding
is a nice way of boosting your local SEO campaign
Pro Tip 3: 
Use SERP Software to track your keyword rankings on search engines, from only $5 per month, look at our SERP Checker page

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Local SEO Packages

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