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Our On-Page Services includes the below

When looking at a page of your website, our on-page SEO services are aimed at
setting up your website to be correctly crawled and also provide value to your readers.

Up to 5 pages
Site URL’s checked and corrected
H1-H3 Tags checked and corrected
Images Optimised (name, description, alt tag, caption if needed)
Content checked
Sitemap Creation
Sitemap Submission
Keywords researched (up to 10)
Keyword Density checked
Meta Tags
Meta Description
Google Search Console & Setup
Google Analytics & Setup
Google My Business (if local)
Check Facebook Page Settings
10 – 50 Directory Listings (Optimised – to get your website started)
Please contact us for any custom queries

Timeline for this package varies between 3 and 21 days and reporting is in excel format

Product Description

On Page SEO Services

We will check your WordPress or Shopify website page structure, content and correct any errors. Checking that your URL’s are displayed correctly, what type of content do you have, is the content enough or too little.

Are your content optimized for your chosen keyword? Do you have a sitemap, what about your images, are they optimized (size, ALT text, keywords). This is why on page SEO services are so important and should be the 1st consideration when buying SEO services

Most people can’t say yes to most of these questions!

BEFORE doing ANY SEO campaign, your website should be correctly setup otherwise you are just throwing money in the water. The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result position.

It is what the user came to see and is thus extremely important to the search engines. As such, it is important to create good content.

So what is good content? All good content has two important functions. Good  SEO content must supply a demand that people are searching for and must be linkable (you should think, would someone want to link to my content?)


Elements in you want to have a look at is: Keyword Research / URL / Page Title / H headings / Meta Description / Content / Images / Links / Speed



 Keyword Research

You page ideally should have one primary keyword. But before you decide on a keyword, you should know if they keyword actually has any searches (no point in ranking if no one searches that keyword). There are plenty of resources out there, but Google Keyword Planner has everything you need to get results! Please keep balance in mind, which keyword are most searched for but has less competition (ie easier to rank for). You can also use relevant keyword but stick to the same “Primary Keyword” family so as not to compete against your other pages, this is known as keyword cannibalization. This is something we pay a lot of attention to when you order any of our on-page SEO services.



 URL – Unique Resource Locator

The URL should really contain your primary keyword, if you are using WordPress, make sure your permalink is set correctly. It should also be easily readable and preferably under 100 characters. Separate your word with dashes – and avoid keyword stuffing. Also, try to avoid words with no search potential (remember you only have 100 characters) (such as “tag or info)



 Page Title

Now, this is also very important, your title tag appears at the top of your browser. Social networks use it as part of the post when someone shares your URL. This means your page title carries allot of SEO juice or weight if you will. For your page title here is some easy to follow tips: the length should be between 50 – 60 characters, avoid keyword stuffing, try and make the URL sharable.




 H Headings or H1 Headings

H headings are extremely important, each page should have only 1 H1 tag, preferably only 1 H2 tag but from there-on, there is a lot of arguments about quantity for H3 tags onwards (H3 – H6). At we have always had great success by doing the above. Your H tags should, in reality, be a summary of your website content. Your H1 tag should be informative, short, unique and relevant.




 Meta Description

Your pages meta description appears in the search result snippets, so take great care here. This is often the difference between some clicking on your website or someone passing over to your competitor. you need to experiment here a bit until you are happy with your clickthrough rates. The length should be around 150 – 160 characters. Try to use your primary keyword once, if you can at the beginning of the paragraph.




 Page Content

We have all heard “content is king”. Well yes, it is we just don’t like the phrase. Your content short be descriptive, informative, unique and if you can, long content without repeating yourself or presenting bloated content with allot of fluff. Generally what will happen is people will end up just leaving your page, so be careful here. Google loves long content but it should be as described here. Even for e-commerce SEO, we recommend 500+ plus description (1000+ if you can) for all your products, and yes it should be unique.





Apart from the fact that images help with normal SEO, you can also show up in a Google Image Search. Plus a lot of people prefer images. It is very simple to optimize images yet a lot of people don’t follow this as a best practice.
Here are some tips to optimize images: The filename should match the URL / Separate keywords in the filename with dashes – / use high quality, small size images / enter your keywords in the ALT tag of your image.





Backlinks are immensely important for your SEO. Firstly it helps Google find your website. It also gives your website importance. In the olden days it was a numbers game, the more the better. These days, however, relevance and higher Domain Authority (DA) links counts more.






This is an important ranking factor, however, we do not list this as a service (no requests). If you need to we can do website speed optimization for a once-off amount of $49 please just contact-us beforehand.




For a more in-depth tutorial on how to properly do on-page SEO yourself, look at this blog post from Brian Dean. Please note this is a very basic guide to on-page SEO which can yield great results with some experimenting and focus. Please feel free to buy any of our on-page SEO services packages above!



Pro Tip 1: Start with keyword research and on-page SEO before going ahead with any SEO campaign!
Pro Tip 2: Use SERP Software to track your keyword rankings on search engines, from only $5 per month, check it out here



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