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An avid SEO consultant can utilize organic search engine optimization to take a website from a virtual unknown to page one ranking on search engines. The Classy SEO Consultant offers highly personalized, results-driven SEO consultancy, taking into consideration the requirements and characteristics of each organization. Our SEO services will take you from start to finish to help your website rank.

We’ll work with you to create a well-thought-out strategy, help you understand your competition and identify unique keywords that will move your website to the next level. We look at your link development strategy, on-page optimization and study your competition in order to create a customized SEO package that will give your website a new stroke of life and increase your competitive advantage.

Our site was designed for those who wants to do their own SEO as well and just needs some help with certain items so we also offer a-la-carte SEO services. You can read more on our SEO Tips and Tricks page!

Our SEO Agency & SEO Consultants are always happy to help!

Keyword research and targeting best practices

The classy SEO consultant & SEO Agency offerings: Tactics and Strategies

It is important to identify the right keywords that you are optimizing your website for. Keywords are words or phrases that you want your site to rank for in search engines. You should consider the search volume of every keyword before you start optimizing it.

Additionally, be sure that your keyword of choice is relevant to your business services or products. Avoid using random keywords without weighing the likelihood to rank for that specific keyword.

Hire Us to Help with Your SEO Consulting needs, an SEO Agency at your disposal!

The ultimate objective of an SEO strategy is to get more online exposure and drive qualified traffic to your website. Instead of chasing the latest SEO buzzwords or changing your website every time Google announces certain SEO recommendations, you should look for ways to leverage SEO traffic to help your business.

The Classy SEO Consultant will create an ace SEO strategy for your website and intuitively implement it for the best ROI. Hire us today and let us revamp your SEO game and take it to the next level.

On-Page SEO Services

This is the process of implementing your chosen keywords into your website’s content. Every page on your site should target a core term, and “cluster” of other related terms. Some of the vital elements that you should focus on include:

Title tags- You should make it easier for search engines to understand the meaning of your pages by including your targeted keyword in the page’s title tag. The title is populated by the source code of your page in a meta tag. Remember, this is the headline that searchers see when your website appears on result pages. Hence, ensure it is catchy, precise, and clickable.

Meta descriptions- This is another crucial meta HTML element that you can update in your website’s code. You can greatly increase the amount of traffic your website receives by writing a compelling meta description.

Body content- Make sure you create top-notch-quality and informative content that your visitors will find valuable. The recent updates on Google’s Panda algorithm favor longer, unique content. Moreover, Google is also weighing user engagement metrics to rank websites with higher engagement rates on its top ten result pages.

Information Architecture and Internal Linking

This is how you organize your web pages. The way you organize and interlink various pages on your site will have an impact on how the site ranks in response to searches. A search engine perceives a link as a vote of confidence and a faster way of understanding what a particular page is all about.

Therefore, using the right anchor text and inbound links from authoritative websites can boost your search engine rankings. Additionally, pages on your website with several inbound links from trusted sources will have the power to help the other pages rank well on SERPs, ultimately increasing your SERPs real estate.

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  • Some of the SEO services we offer!

    On-Page SEO

    Make sure your website are correctly set up otherwise you are missing out on allot of seo opportunities. View our On-Page SEO Services!

    Link Building

    You need high quality, high DA (domain authority) links pointing back to your website, see our Link Building Packages we have to offer!

    Local SEO

    If you own a physical business and you want more calls and foot traffic,  you really need to look at our Local SEO Packages!

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