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SERP Check – Keyword Rank Tracker –  Keyword Rank Checking Software

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Note: All packages includes rank checking once per week on a Sunday as well as once per month (on the 1st, a report on your website traffic & statistics will be delivered to your inbox)

Upon request, we can also add Google Search Console and Google Analytics to provide you with more data (as well as unknown keywords), free of charge but needs to be requested first and all details sent to us (upon purchase of any SERP Check package below)

All packages are paid ahead once-per year and are non-refundable once loaded.

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Product Description

Some of the extra features you get when using our SERP Check Software!

  • SERP Check
  • Website audit
  • Backlinks explorer
  • Keyword grouping
  • Competitor SEO/PPC research
  • On-page SEO audit (limited pages)
  • Marketing plan
  • Flexible report generator
  • Competitors monitoring
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Search volume estimate
  • Traffic analysis
  • Google Analytics & Search Console integration
  • SEO potential
  • Index status check
  • Website parameters check
  • Mobile application
  • SMM: Analytics and management
  • Sub-accounts
  • Page changes monitoring


SERP Check – Keyword Rank Tracker –  Keyword Rank Checking Software

With our rank tracking software, you can track where your website ranks in various search engines results for relevant keywords. When you track different trends against your marketing efforts or versus competing websites, you will get a better understanding of your overall performance. Our software has an automatic scheduling feature that enables you to track your ranks periodically or daily in major search engines such as Google and Bing.

It is imperative to run an accurate SERP check so as to track your progress and adjust whenever necessary. Apart from helping with keyword research, we help you with the actual rank tracking process so that you get to track the right performance metrics, the right way.


Benefits of Our Keyword Tracking Implements

We use our keyword rank checking tool to detect important keyword trends that are relevant to your business. These are the terms that online buyers in your industry input in the search boxes of search engines. We use this keyword tracking strategy to get more insights about the relevant keywords that can put you ahead of the competition by boosting your SERP and, ultimately attract more potential customers to your site. In other words, the keyword tracking tool enables you to understand the performance of various keywords on search engines.


Determine Sources of Sales

The keyword rank checking tool gives you an opportunity to determine your sales sources. It helps you know the particular marketing efforts that are bearing fruits. Hence, you will know the right marketing strategies to focus on to sustain profitable traffic. In other words, the tools will help you make a distinction between the keywords that only generate leads and those that produce sales.


Promote Cost-Effectiveness

Our tool underscores opportunities for bidding on new keywords aside from your current set of keywords. The medium demonstrates the efficacy of your current keywords or keyword phrases in terms of leads and conversions. You will get a detailed report indicating the keywords that drive potential customers to your website within a specific period. For purposes of cost-effectiveness, the least effective keywords can be eliminated.


Boost Efficiency

Our keyword tracker explores the feasibility of other markets and commodities before implementing marketing strategies or production in other avenues. Once you track your keywords, you will be able to measure the viability of venturing into certain markets.

Our keyword rank tracker will be helpful in measuring the efficiency of your keywords and help you get rid of less effective keywords. Our content creators will strategically optimize these keywords in the titles, content, and meta descriptions. After that, the process of keyword tracking helps you identify keywords that are relevant to your sales efforts.

The primary objective of our keyword rank tracking is to watch your website’s dominance in SERP on the list of keywords. Through our comprehensive SERP check, you will get sufficient information about the rise and fall of your various keywords as well as their ranking positions. If you want to create an optimal list of relevant keywords for your website through research, expertise, and experience try our keyword rank tracking tool, today.


Pro Tip: When using the software, don’t forget to also track Bing and Yahoo Search Engines!

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